Trick Star 643 (Jigging Spinning Model for Yellowtail)


A spinning model suitable for doTERRA-style jigging targeting Hiramasa and Yellowtail.
Two types of taper development to accommodate various situations.

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With jig fishing more popular than ever, this versatile Spin Jigging rod has been designed to tame the toughest of species…

At 6’4 the TrickStar is beautifully designed blank ideal for you 5000 size reel. Capable of pitching jigs from 120-250g, the Trickstar will not disappoint…

●643 Regular Slow Taper
This is suitable for suppressing the transfer of motion to the jig and suppressing the initial movement for natural movement.

Length: 6ft 4inch
PE: ~3 JIG: 120~250g

Fuji Guides

*For use at water depths of around 40-100m



Guide/thread specifications

Guide: Titanium frame SIC guide
Adopted SIC ring assuming repeated jerking and fighting with blue-runners.
All are single footed so as not to disturb the bending of the blank.
Underwrapping is applied from the bottom to the third guide, and there is no problem in terms of strength.

There are two types of thread specifications: all-black specifications and silver pin lines.
(Image is silver pin line specification)

Grip specifications

EVA has a slim design as a whole.
Made possible by using EVA with high hardness and precision.
The front grip length is 100mm, and you can hold it firmly with one hand.

The seat size is DPS18LD IC down lock
. We have adopted down lock and long nut that is hard to loosen based on everyone’s opinion.

Please see the image above for the grip length.



Overall length (m) Number of joints (pieces) Close (cm) Weight (g) Tip diameter/base diameter (mm) lure weight line nylon (lb) Line PE (No.)
6ft 4inch 1 194cm 173g 2.0mm / 8.0mm Jig : 120 – 250g PE-3