Option Retro Series Floating Stickbaits (RSS)


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Option Retro Series Stickbaits – Newly designed lures that have undergone plenty of testing in our NZ waters…

As an Option signature bait we wanted some fundamental characteristics that we feel are paramount to entice the bite on top.

Tight S-type action | Tail Kick | Light body Roll | A bait you can cast all day…

Coming in 9 vibrant colours, we have blended a side body foil into an under belly glitter pattern, this resulting in plenty of flash to attract the attention of any topwater specie.

These Floating stickbaits are available in 3 sizes – 60g 190mm / 80g 220mm / 100g 240mm

Recommended Hardware

RSS60F – Front/Rear KC-3 Single assists/ Mid body 3/0 Treble – Rear 6/0 Single

RSS80F – Front/Rear KC-4 Single Assists/ Mid body 3/0 Treble – Rear 7/0-8/0 Single

RSS100F – Front/Rear KC-4 Single Assists/ Midbody 4/0-5/0 Treble – Rear 8/0-9/0 Single

Get amongst them!

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Blue Foil, Mint Foil, White Foil, Black Foil, Orange Foil, Grey Foil, Pink Foil, Purple Foil, Yellow Foil


60g, 80g, 100g