OceanSprinter 856 – Instock!!!


Both “lightness” of casting and operation and “stickiness” after hanging.

It is extremely easy to use for amberjack casting using PE5/6 and yellowfin tuna casting up to 40 kg class.

It is the sharpest model in the series, and the model most used by the development staff in casting games for amberjack and yellowfin tuna.

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The development concept that can be said to be common to both OceanSprinter series is the ease of catching fish and the original lifting power of the rod.
Encounter with large fish comes suddenly.
Powerful running that can not be stopped even with high load.
In order to catch that large fish, I think that “stickiness” and “obedient bend curve” are necessary. Even more so in stormy weather and torrent shallow areas. It is designed to draw a gentle bend curve as the load is applied, and not to give a sudden change in tension to the fish. By doing this, the load fluctuations on the angler are reduced, and stable pressure can be applied to the fish all the time. In addition, by realizing these, it is possible to obtain excellent casting performance, and it has become possible to surprisingly reduce the burden on the body from small to large lures.

Recommended reel: STELLA 14000XG / SALTIGA5500
Recommended line: PE5-6 (Appropriate drag load ~11kg)
Recommended lure: 30g-130g (Up to 100g can be shaken off. Lures close to 130g should
be cast on the rod. (And it is possible to cast more easily and comfortably)

We conducted tests by casting amberjack in the Nagasaki Goto Islands and northern Kyushu, and luring yellowfin tuna off the coast of Mie Prefecture.
It is a model that can handle everything from sardine patterns to dolphin patterns.

Compared to the 838/8110 model, the load on the body is less, so it has a sharper feel while maintaining stickiness, so you can cast it for a long time or against it. You can cut the wind and cast. (~100g)
This model is very useful for luring yellowfin tuna up to 40kg.

We do not recommend using his low position gimbal belt for fighting position.
This is a model that does not require the use of a gimbal belt when using PE6 and winning in a short time of about 10 minutes. (Please use it when you need to fight for a long time, such as tuna weighing 40kg or more.) When you
fight, you can bring out the lift power of the blank by maintaining the angle of the load on the bat instead of standing up too much . I can do it.
Laying down increases the burden on the body, but also increases the pressure on the fish. There are various factors such as fight time and fish size, so please respond according to the situation.
(Fixing the rod end to the gimbal belt may cause it to crack. Also, fixing the rod end may slow the response to sudden movements of the fish.)


Specification details

Rod weight: 340g (#1: 133g #2: 207g)
*Final Proto weight Until the end of April 2020, it was an incorrect value (heavy display).

Painting specifications Logo part: Black
Up to butt guide: Black Clear
Between guides above it: Clear
Others: Unsand specification

*OceanSprinter series has the same specification

Grip dimensions Please refer to the image above.



Titanium frame and stainless frame combination.
Non-heavy load sections use titanium guides to eliminate underlapping for sharper performance.
The section where the load of the butt section is applied uses a stainless steel guide and is underwrapped.

It is lighter, sharper, and more secure.



Overall length (m) Number of joints (pieces) Close (cm) Weight (g) Tip diameter/base diameter (mm) lure weight line nylon (lb) Line PE (No.)
8ft 5inch grip joint 193 340 2.2mm/19mm 30~120g MAX150g PE5-6