Decoy Treble Y-S22


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The characteristic curved point designed based on the DECOY SW treble series shows surprisingly smooth and reliable hooking, and the hung target is perfectly held, a strong treble that leads to memorial fish capture. The unique form with curved points minimizes damage to the lure due to hook points, and makes the game development an angler advantage centering on top games targeting the strongest sprinters such as tuna and amberjack.

● Strong treble for salt big games, mainly top games.
● Long taper & curved point that suppresses damage to the lure and improves smooth hooking performance and holding power.
● Low-angle barb that suppresses resistance when penetrating and reliably prevents burr.
● Uses a smart eye that makes it easy for heavy rings to pass through and suppresses deterioration in strength.
● Adopted “Solid System” that brings out the performance of each hook by carefully examining the brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness.
● Vertical eye specifications that support all lures and realize smooth hooking.
● Uses rust-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment.

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