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BERTOX Saltwater Casting Soft Shad Lure Natural SARDINE 13.5cm/90g

More than 20 years of experience in saltwater fishing had been built in this lure made of durable silicone, the material that gives it a unique action, different from any soft plastic bait. After numerous experiments and improvements, producer have found the ideal weight, shape, size, hook, colours and vibration that makes this lure incredibly attractive for tuna and many other game fish. Primarly intended for spinning, it can be used for trolling and jigging with same success. It is composed of high quality silicone that is more durable than conventional soft baits. It can cast perfectly for a far distance for surface fishing and if allowed it can sink to the bottom for those who prefer some jigging action. Its silicone body is more resistant than traditional softbaits, luring the lure below the surface and staggering like a wounded prey fish. If you insert a spin-stop it sinks fluttering to the bottom. Its relatively high casting weight allows extreme throwing and as it has to deal with mostly capital opponents of the upper class, it is armoured with an owner hook 3 x strong.
Either you reel it in with constant speed or give it some extra life by the movements of your rod tip, this shad will bring you lot of strikes and excitements. Tight lines!

Armed with an Owner hook 3 x strong.
100% Handmade.
Lure length:13.5cm
Lure weight:90g
Hook:Single 7/0

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