BBL Floating Stickbaits


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BBL Lures – These handmade baits are made using imported Red Grandis, a South American hardwood, to be able to withstand the demands of big fish hunting.

Big Boy Lures creates three size options to cover a host of fishing styles and accommodating various setups.

Angler: Joe Wilds // IG: @j.e.wilds YouTube:

Angler: Muzza Wootten // IG: @muzzamurraywooten

Description: Specifications:
Name BBL Floating Stickbaits
Weight (+/-) 95g | 135g | 155g
Colour Bluefin | Blood Natural | Great White | Black Razor | Bluefin White Belly
Length 200mm | 230mm | 250mm
Floating or Sinking Floating
Recommended Treble Hook Size 5/0
Recommended Single Hook Size 7/0 – 11/0
Wire Thickness 2mm
Material Wood
Action Rod tip down, short jab retrieve to get a kick!
Water conditions best suited Most Conditions
With Swivel or Fixed Wire Swivel
Tail Wire Horizontal or Verticle Vertical

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Bluefin, Blood Natural, Great White, Bluefin White Belly, Black Razor


200mm, 230mm, 250mm